Video 2 Aug

Echoes of the Greys. Scifibeard rock about abductions theorys

Video 26 Jul

"The Fourth Wall" Echo My Screams

Video 25 Jul

"The Acheron Pulse" Playing with new pedal

Video 18 Jul

Spider’s Shadow

Video 12 Jul

The Dark Flame…¬†Second track of new cd Demons of Red Lodge 2012


Would you listen to a Extreme Metal track if I created one? Do you view my page at random or do you check it out regularly? Send me a email and let me know. I would love feedback.

Video 6 Jul

Remembrance of Darkness. First track of new cd The Demons of Red Lodge

Video 26 Jun


Text 26 Jun My Soundcloud account

Making a new soundscape tonight. Not scary horror, disturbing or anything like that. It is going to be scifi-ish.

Video 26 Jun

Evil clowns need loving too

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